Bath + Body  Makers


Would you like to be a soap artisan? Whether you want a soap business or simply have an

interest in creating delicious and totally natural soaps, shampoos and lotions that are actually

good for your skin, you're going to love my recipes and courses. Each recipe has been tried

and tested and reviewed by my loyal customers, boutiques, health food stores and national

parks since 2009. Free internet recipes are NOT going to have this kind of accreditation and

you could end up wasting your money on supplies.


You are going to learn the cold process method of soap making which gives you complete

control over the ingredients. Cold process soap has no added detergents that are harmful to

skin and you'll be able to add any skin-loving ingredients that you need. It also gives more

flexibility to do beautiful swirls and patterns to make the artisan soap really pretty.


Membership to the Sincerity Bath & Body Academy gives you not only 2 courses per month

but you will also receive ongoing business mentoring from me. You will be able to ask

questions and get advice via phone or messaging any time you need it for an unlimited

amount of time. You can also have 2 business calls per month to ensure you keep on track

and reach your goals. Please read my reviews and book your membership today to get you on

the way to making soap and skin-loving products you'll love to use and maybe also sell.



- You will receive video instruction and a PDF download for each recipe. Number varies for

each course.

- You can also view your courses via a private Facebook group.

- Message me any time with your questions for unlimited time.

- 2 pre-arranged business calls per month, I am on Pacific Time Zone.



$47 per month - cancel at any time



"If you are thinking about taking this class and wondering if it's worth it! I'm going to tell you

hands down YES!! Tammy walks you through step by step, and is right with you to answer

questions and go over it until you get it!! It's the best thing I have ever done! Love it! Love

her! It's the soap!! I would have never tried it with out her classes. AMAZING AND FUN! The

best part is you always have those classes to refer back to, if you need them. And she always,

always answers your questions!! Take it! Take it! If your thinking about it!! You will love it."

Kathy Jarett Pera


"I have had the pleasure of taking Tammy's Bath + Body Makers Academy and just loved it!

Tammy shows you step by step how to make cold process soap and takes all of the

imtimidation out of it. I was a little scared of using the lye but with her instruction I felt

confident and felt like yes I can do this! She is there for you every step of the way and will

answer any questions that you have not only during class but, anytime you have them and she

will help you find the best places to purchase your supplies. This class was so much fun and

now I have the tools to make my own soap and with everything Tammy taught me my only

limits on possibilities for kinds of soap I want to make is my imagination! Tammy is the best

kind of teacher. She is very knowledgeable, patient, sweet, and kind! Thank you, Tammy!!!"

Kerry Poechmann



Lotion + Body Butter course

Liquid Soap Course

Bath Bombs + Shower Steamers Course

Healing balm + Pain Salve Course

Shampoo Course

Conditioner Course

Foaming Bath Butter Course


Mens Grooming Course

Womens Facial Care Course

Emulsified Sugar Scrub + Scrub Bars

Naturally Clean Home

Natural Soap Course

Emulisified Sugar Scrub

Rose Water Facial Cream

Body Butter Bars

Lip Balm